What are you really good at?
What do you enjoy doing?

Keep doing what you do best. Deal with the clients, manage their booking and proceed to the function date knowing everything is organised.

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Make profit on every booking.

We know what drives you mad as a venue owner and we are here to help.
  • No more calls asking you to come in when things go wrong or when staff call in sick.
  • No more paying wages in the down time when there is no work for staff.
  • No more wastage. Over ordering of produce is a thing of the past.
  • No more ordering produce for the kitchen and managing deliveries and accounts.
  • No more spendig your days typing quotes, invoices, purchase orders and emails.

Defined Margins

There is simply no better way to structure a business in a seasonal industry than to have defined margins on every booking.

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State of the art Web Software

Platinum Pro Online Booking Software enables you to manage all details of your booking and ensures you never double book. Being web based, you can access it anywhere anytime and never risk double booking the space.

No Lock-in Contracts

We believe that our service and standards will keep you coming back for more. We have no lock in contracts and allow you to separate at anytime with no penalty. You Own the database of clients at all times.

Only the best Vendors

Our Caterers will arrange a sampling for you to demonstrate our standards at no cost.
Our Platinum Vendors meet our strict standards and provide us with copies of relevant documents and insurance certificates.
We do the vetting for you.

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